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  Hangzhou Nightlife     
Where can I color my night life?

Shuguang Road (曙光路) is fulfilled with artistic ambience and pretty hot bar area. Like the Maya (玛雅酒吧), Travel Pub (旅行者酒吧) are very popular.
Nanshan Road also has a good portion of the local atmosphere bars. Lake of the Dream (梦之湖 Add: No.103 Nanshan Road) is favored for the well mix of its unique wooden furniture and passionate music.
Chenghuang Teahouse (城隍阁茶楼 Add: No. 3 Wushan Road, Shangcheng District) is nice to have a relaxing night by savoring Longjing tea and snacks, chitchat with your mates, immerse in the soothing music, etc.
Lakeside Teahouse (湖畔居茶楼 Add: No. 23 Hubin Road) next to the West Lake is also among the Hangzhou most famous teahouses.


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