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  What to eat in Hangzhou     
What and Where to eat in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Food is currently one of the most fashionable cuisines in the area south of the Yangtze River. Being one of the eight Chinese cuisines, Hangzhou cuisine is famous for its refreshing taste, elaborate preparation, and sophisticated cooking. Moreover, it pays much attention to nutrition. The great poet, Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty, had once highly praised Hangzhou food as “there is no food under heaven that can compare with the Hangzhou cuisine”.
At the present time, famous dishes like ‘Dongpo’s Pork’ of the Tian Xiang Lou Restaurant, and ‘West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce’ of the Lou Wai Lou Restaurant(楼外楼) are well-known both at home and abroad. The various local snacks of Hangzhou are also flavorful without being overwhelming. Notable dishes include Wushan ghee cake, Jinhua smocked cake, Noodles with Fried Eel Slices and Shrimps from the Kuiyuan Restaurant(奎元馆), as well as the Happy Pairs Dim Sum at Zhiweiguan Restaurant(知味观).
Dongpo’s pork(东坡肉): The general ingredients for this dish are pork belly, wine, ginger, and welsh onion. It will take about 2 to 3 hours to finish cooking in order to give tenderness. The pork has savory and sweet tastes, and is full of body, oily but not greasy, with a fragrance of wine.

Dongpo’s pork(东坡肉)

Dragon Well Shrimp with Tea (龙井虾仁): Chalk full of delicate with shrimp, green lotus shoots, and flavored with Dragon Well tea, this dish is pleasing in color and titillating to the taste buds. It is said that this dish was created by accident a Hangzhou chef spilled Dragon Well tea into a boiling pot of shrimp.

Dragon Well Shrimp with Tea (龙井虾仁)

Beggar's Chicken (叫化鸡): In China, there are many dishes where the name originated from a folklore, legend, or story. Beggar’s Chicken (jiào huā jī 叫化鸡) is another dish with an interesting history.This dish of Beijing origin, Beggar's Chicken also called "jiaohua ji" in the Shanghainese dialect, and the chicken is stuffed, wrapped, and roasted in this traditional Eastern Chinese recipe also this dish is very popular with Far Eastern gourmets.

Beggar's Chicken (叫化鸡)

West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce(西湖醋鱼): The dish is named after the famous scenic spot in Hangzhou City-West Lake as the fresh-water fish of this dish comes from the West Lake. Firstly poach the fish and then cover with a delicate sweet and sour sauce, and lastly add sugar and vinegar. The fish is fresh and tender in texture and has sweet and sour tastes.

West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce(西湖醋鱼)

Hangzhou Food Streets

Baoshu Road Food Street
There are many featured restaurants along the Baoshu Road, such as Liujia Xiangliaguan Restaurant and Pian Er Chuan Restaurant.
Jingzhou Road Food Street
It is a new trend food street, located in the west Hangzhou City. On both sides of the road, there are not a few eating joints with characteristic décor and flavor. However, it is a little far from downtown area.
Hefang Street Food Street
This is an archaized Ming and Qing Dynasty pedestrian street. The short street is dotted with lots of traditional snack bars. It is really worth trying the bean curd with odor, shortcake, Dingsheng cake and so on.
Gaoyin Lane Food Street
There are too many good restaurants here for people to choose. Surely you will be dazzled.


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